According to a joint statement, it was agreed between the two countries to issue a free visa for up to 6 months to carry the normal passports, which can be renewed for a period of another period like that.

They also agreed to exempt all women from both countries and those over the age of fifty and under the age of sixteen from the requirement of obtaining entry visa, and that's reffered to ports of the borders of Egypt and Sudan.

The resolution also included citizens of the two countries living in the Gulf States, the United States, Canada, Australia and European countries, in the event of a valid residence, exit and return from the countries coming from them.

The statement stressed that "the Sudanese citizen resident in Egypt before 1995 treated as the Egyptian citizen."

For its part, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry stated that it was decided to exempt the Sudanese from registration procedures, visa and residence fees. The Sudanese side decided to carry out the same procedures on the Egyptians,

The two sides also agreed to continue to exempt their passports from the visa.

The two sides discussed the acceleration of the movement of Egyptian trucks heading to Sudan through the joint ports, as the Sudanese side confirmed its readiness to provide all necessary to facilitate its entry as desired